BHS Twin Shaft



  • Consistent, high quality mixing
    • The counter-rotating motion of the two mixing shafts as well as the inclined position of the mixing tools assure an intense vertical and horizontal motion of the mix. A uniform superior mix complying with the desired mixing formula is guaranteed.
  • Material bed as wear protection
    • A material bed is formed when handling and biding materials, which represents a protection against wear. For special applications lining of the mixer trough is optionally also available with cast wearing elements.
  • Simple Maintenance
    • Utilizing a very rugged construction, the mixer requires only minimal routine maintenance work. There are large maintenance doors on the top and bottom side.
  • Sturdy Drive
    • The drive system of the mixer is long-lasting and reliable. It conforms with the approved principles of the well-known BHS Twin-Shaft Batch Mixer. It can even cope with shock load and restart under full load.
  • Consistent high level homogeneous mixture within rapid mix cycles
    • Homogeneous mixture levels of 95% are achievable within 30 seconds
    • Batch after batch our mixers produce high level uniform and homogeneous mixtures
    • BHS Mixing techniques preserve the grain structure of the individual recipe components
  • High energy efficiency
    • High mixture performance is achieved at low speeds
    • Reduced energy consumption due to short mixing cycles,effectiveness of mixing tools and efficiency of drive units
  • Low-wear
    • Minimal wear of mixing tools and trough liners achieved from lower mixing speeds and mixer compact design
    • Reduced wear to internal mixer surfaces in relation to mixture volume
    • All wear parts have been optimized and designed for longevity
  • Efficient concrete production
    • Rapid and optimal bonding of cementitious particles
    • Potential of reducing cement content due to uniform and consistent mixture of all particles
    • Consistent and rapid distribution of admixtures and additives throughout the entire mixture volume
    • Batch to batch consistency for all mix designs
    • Minimum batch filling levels of 10% are possible
    • Guaranteed to mix special concrete recipes (SCC, RCC, UHPC, etc.)
    • Hybrid mixing cycles are possible (slow-fast-slow)
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