With GivenHansco’s new On Demand app, suddenly you can see everything

Jay RobinsonGivenHansco’s software suiteGivenHansco Keystone Batch for batch plant automation won praise in my spring 2015 blog post How Suite It Is. Now, GivenHansco has just come out with a fantastic new app for smartphones and tablets that I think you will want to know about.

The app, called Keystone On Demand, is available for both Apple and Android and ties in with the company’s dispatch, GPS and financials modules to let you know instantly where your trucks are, and a host of other things. All you need is an Apple or Android phone or tablet.

Here are some things you can do with the app, taken from the company’s website, where they recently posted new information about Keystone On Demand:

• Drill-down schedule data from plant overview to ticket detail

• Track truck on-job times and view live GPS map
GivenHansco Keystone Batch
• View customer account balances and ticket history

• Give salesmen job site awareness that allows them to solve problems on-site

For managers and owners, it’s a huge benefit to be able to see instantly things like orders, yards delivered, what stage a job is in, the exact weight that’s on every truck and the location of every truck in real time. For a salesperson making a call, the app can bring up open and overdue invoices. The amount of help this gives to concrete producers is potentially enormous.

Give me a call at 888-378-6210 and I will be happy to discuss the app and pricing with you in person or over the phone. It seems reasonable to say that– once you already have GivenHansco’s GPS and Dispatch modules– getting the app is a no-brainer.