How Suite It Is: GivenHansco’s Batch Plant Automation

Jay RobinsonWould you like your batching and accounting systems to work together better? Do you wish you could avoid costly downtime when your batching computer crashes? Are you tired of indifferent customer service when you call for help? GivenHansco’s Keystone plant automation and accounting suite is what I am currently recommending. What really puts them above some of the competition is customer service. They cater to the small to mid-sized producer, and are so service-oriented that I often have very little followup once I’ve sold their product. They really have been true to their word as far as backing up their product.GivenHansco Keystone Batch

A manual panel that’s really manual: Another thing I like is the fact that their manual panel is truly manual. On a major competitor’s system, if you go to “manual,” there is still a processor involved. With the GivensHansco panel, if the batching computer fails, the system can still batch via true hard-wired operation of the panel.

Non-proprietary components: GivensHansco has one of the cleanest input/output systems, and it’s totally not proprietary. It’s actually built with off-the-shelf switches and I/O modules, which you cna get from a variety of sources at good prices.

QuickBooks interface option: The Keystone Batch suite has an optional accounting module and dispatch module. But many concrete producers have grown attached to QuickBooks, which is OK because a QuickBooks interface is available. With it, the complexities of ticketing and invoicing are handled seamlessly with in the suite, then transaction numbers are exported to QuickBooks.

My recommendation: If you’re looking for the best product, I think GivenHansco’s Keystone accounting, batch, dispatch, and GPS modules hit the sweet spot for small and medium-sized producers. They claim their customer service is “phenomenal” on their home page, and our customers have found that to be true. These products are truly well-supported after the sale.

You can select software modules to tailor the suite for your operation, or get the entire, integrated suite. For product details, see our GivenHansco page.

I know some concrete producers who are extremely pleased with Given-Hansco’s products, and I would be happy to share their experiences with you. I’d be happy to see a comment from you below, or feel free to give me a call at 888-378-6210.