Our Ideal Client

A good fit with your concrete equipment dealer is essential to a successful partnership. Our core responsibility to our concrete-producing customer is to help you sell more— and higher quality— concrete. This attitude drives us to look at the whole picture and develop close working relationships that will last many years. Concrete producers can expect us to stick around and help solve problems—today, tomorrow, and down the road.

Our “ideal” client:

  • has a high level of expertise in his or her business to share with us.
  • has high expectations for how creative thinking about equipment can benefit his bottom line.
  • is smart, knows the industry and competitors well, and is open to discovering new ways of differentiating from them.
  • expects to be treated with a high degree of respect and professionalism
  • shares our dedication to finding the best possible solution.
  • works with us to achieve the best balance between cost and performance.
  • speaks frankly about concerns and challenges, and shares past experiences.
  • develops long-range goals and acts accordingly.
  • allots sufficient resources and time frames; respects deadlines and helps to keep projects on time and within budget.
  • appreciates our work, service and advice, and pays on time with gratitude.
  • becomes an advocate for us and our commitment to positive results.